Since 1926

We live out of the ideas, decisions, and of the outcome of the effort done, not only by the Relvas family, but from all our employees and friends. We hereby honor them.

Today, with nearly 100 years history we position ourselves in a market that demands care and traditions; we look to the future with ambition.



“RELVAS” was created by Américo Coelho Relvas , with the aim of producing small cork stoppers for wine, pharmaceuticals products among others.


The first RELVAS champagne corks are produced in two or four pieces of natural cork.


RELVAS makes the first exports to Europe.


RELVAS diversifies its business and invests in the production of decorative caps for wine bottles.


The cork processing methods have progressed and RELVAS starts to transform raw cork into cork disks and waste cork. The gluing of the discs with an agglomerate cylinder yielded the first sparkling wine corks with two or three discs.


The RELVAS family decided to separate the business of cork and decorative caps and each business becomes entirely independent.


RELVAS company invests in a new production facility in Mozelos for the production of sparkling wine corks. The investment includes two individual molding machines for cork granulates bonding, a quality lab and a maintenance and development department where the company develops some of its own machines.


RELVAS continues investments in quality and research and development equipping its laboratory with a small production unit of sparkling wine. Also, it invests in a processing facility for preparing cork at Cortiçadas of Lavre , Alentejo . Its R&D investments produce a major innovative and patented cork boiling system.


RELVAS acquires a stake in a prestigious company in Reims in order to get closer to the customer and serve them better. The company continues to invest in human resources and in the 2000s develops a team of professional staff able to respond to future challenges.


In order to meet the growing market demand RELVAS continues to invest in cork processing and production to continuously improve the performance of the product. At the same time, RELVAS gets SYSTECODE PREMIUM certifications, ISO14001 and ISO22000 reinforcing its commitment to excellency that make the company a benchmark in the Sparkling wine corks market.