Relvas II, SA undertook a project for qualification and internationalization of SMEs, with the support FEDER / IAPMEI.
The project was conducted between 01/07/2010 and 30/06/2013 and involved investments of the order of 977 000 Euros, with an incentive of 400 000 Euros.
The project aimed to support the necessary investments to meet the requirements of ISO 22000 (Food Safety), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and FSC (Chain of Custody) certification beyond the CIPR investments – International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice.
Was also considered an aspect of internationalization to strengthen the company’s competitiveness in foreign markets, particularly with regard to investment and new certifications.

This project was extremely important to the Relvas II, SA, and all objectives were met, namely:

- Sales growth of around 22% (comparing the values ​​of the year 2013 with the pre-project values ​​in 2009).
- Obtaining the aimed certifications.
- Improving the qualification of human resources, contribution to environmental performance, customer awareness, all with a very positive impact on the image and credibility of the company.