Our production process ensures quality from the harvesting and selection of cork, to its careful processing and shipping.

> Quality

The quality of our product is closely related to RELVAS culture of care, which is known and expected by our customers. A key concept is to implement improvements at the beginning of each process and establishing an internal supplier/customer philosophy, seeking to avoid unnecessary costs.

We utilize two different laboratories and different quality check-points, in our separate facilities, where they continue to perform all necessary tests to validate the product.

We invested in a small winery where we produce sparkling wine using the traditional method including bottling, riddling and disgorging. In this unit we can test our product and any improvements directly into sparkling wine allowing our R&D teams the required elements for decision making and to produce improvements.

> Research & Development

RELVAS has a culture of continuous improvement and development of its manufacturing process and its product. This culture is part of our DNA and extends to two areas:
improving and developing equipment that enable us to provide our cutting-edge process technology, and improvement and product development that enables us to continually improve our product.

For this we use not only our team and our internal laboratories, but also universities and our partners with the sole mission to add value to the process and product to our customers.
A result of this culture was a Relvas patented innovative boiling system, revolutionary in the cork industry.


The certifications allow us to formalize our commitment with the cork industry, product quality, food safety guarantee, the environment and management itself.
These external recognitions certify our compliance with each standard requirements and demonstrates our level of commitment.